Saturday, May 16, 2020

Levi's Loquaciousness, Vol. 2

    The past month has been fun. We've been hanging out on and around Isla Carmen for the past month or so and have been just having a blast. I mean, how can you go wrong with an island that looks like a giant came along with a big can of paint and splashed the whole island with it? One of the anchorages is even called Painted Cliffs--how much more obvious can you get? There's also plenty of sea caves to explore all over the island, but most of them are on the western side of the island. We are currently in Puerto Escondido taking care of some visa stuff and hope to get out of here by Tuesday, then we plan to start making the trek up to San Carlos where we hope to spend the summer.

   On a different note, it's not as boring as you might think. The marina is letting us come in for more than just the stuff we really need. No, they are letting us use the pool, - yes there is is a pool - go into Loreto when we need to, - hence why we're here - and best of all, we have some friends here as well, Tulum V and Xpression. Oh yes almost forgot, I've now got a few things checked off my to do list: 1) I have now seen mobula rays almost land in our dinghy; 2) I've seen dolphins jumping ten feet out of the water while doing a flip (not kidding!); 3) I've swam with a whale shark. Wow they are big fish! Well I should wrap this up. Mom is asking for the computer and most likely shouldn't keep her waiting. 

                                           This is Levi signing for now, so long!

Friday, May 15, 2020

A taste of our wild life

Inside a sea cave on Isla Carmen.
     When I first started this blog almost five years ago, I admit I had rosy visions, colored greatly by other blogs I had seen. I was going to be this great regular poster, with beautiful photos of the places we visited, enhanced by my picturesque descriptions. People would leave comments, ask questions, and somehow all kinds of people would know who we were and what we were doing.... **And cue hysterical laughter and eye-rolling at my own naivete.**

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Isla Carmen

Kyrie and our buddy boat SaareLill arrived at the Painted Cliffs on the east side of Isla Carmen the morning of the 26th. I have to say, this is an amazing place. We've had dolphins 10' off the bow of the boat 3 mornings in a row. It is reasonably protected from most weather, but open to NE. Beautiful, crystal clear water for snorkeling as well (and there's noone else here!). This is the baja we've been waiting to see - Personally, I'd place it a considerable notch above the islands above La Paz - similar, but better anchorages, better beaches, and even clearer water. Water varies from 72 to 74, so very swimmable, but a little chilly. Air temp is a bit warm, getting up in the high 80's, but fairly dry humidity.

We're likely headed to the mecca of Balandra tomorrow for a few days to use the Loreto provisioning service, but likely will be in the general area for a month or so.

For those of you wondering about our current status with relation to COVID, like everyone else, we're still reeling with all the implications. We had thankfully decided to do a second season in Mexico quite a while ago, so those plans are unaffected, but COVID has severely restricted movement of recreational vessels within Mexico. Basically, standard pleasure boating is out, but boats are allowed to move when they are in transit to another port, or moving to self-isolate.

We are actually doing both at the moment. We need to get Kyrie above latitude 27 prior to June for hurricane season safety, and we're using that time in transit to self-isolate as much as possible. Our current plan is to dock the boat in San Carlos beginning 7/1, and wait out the hottest 2-3 months at the dock there. Thankfully, we're in a perfect bug-out vehicle, making our own water and power using solar, so we don't have to make port or take on supplies for about 2-3 months at a stretch.

We're hoping the world settles down a bit, to let us continue traveling much further south next year. (Panama Posse - woohoo!)

Wishing you health and happiness-

the Kyrie Crew

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

A reason to celebrate

     "We've got cabin fever! We've got cabin fever!" Yes, you know I'm going a little nuts when I start quoting Muppet Treasure Island. The Kyrie crew is hanging in there, but we are definitely feeling the pinch of this crazy shelter-at-home, quarantine situation. San Blas continues to be a decent place to be stuck. We are in a marina, with access to showers, water, electricity so we can use our A/C, a decent WiFi signal, and relatively easy access to town to get supplies. It's a little more daunting now since Joe and I are limiting ourselves to a maximum of twice a week and only one of us going to limit our exposure outside the boat, but I know I don't have any real cause to complain. The whole crew is healthy, we're in relatively good spirits, and we're in a place in which the kids can get off the boat easily and run around, without feeling as though they are unduly exposing themselves or others to sickness.
       Today, however, is a double reason to celebrate around here. Not only is it Easter, a day to celebrate life overcoming death, love overcoming fear, and the Resurrection of Jesus, but it is also--drumroll please--Levi's 13th birthday! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kyrie officially has a teenager on board. Will someone please tell me when on earth this happened? Our boy has grown so much in the past year--heck, just since we left Juneau. He has his ups and downs, just like everyone else, but all in all, Joe and I are very proud of our young man. I think we'll keep him!
And here he is, eight--almost nine--years later, clearly
showing what he thinks of taking a picture with his mom!

Levi's 4-year-old photo from preschool!
(Thank you Nana for sending this little gem!)

Just for a height comparison, look at how big
these kiddos all are!