Cruising Kyrie

Our family has chosen to live an abnormal life of living on a sailboat and exploring the world. Come along with us on our journey and let it inspire you to follow your own chosen road--not “only wish what [you] could be!”

Monday, April 29, 2019

A quick hike with a VIDEO!

On Sunday, it was such a beautiful day we had to take a break from the constant chores.  We took a hike down to DuPont, named for the DuPont chemical company who put a dock and warehouse for storing the explosives used in the mines here in Juneau.  The warehouse and dock were built in 1914.  The buildings - except for their foundations - are all gone, but the dock remains.

We had to try out our new drone, and got a few neat shots compiled into the video below.  Hopefully you like it!

Monday, April 15, 2019

T-Minus 6 Weeks and Counting!

The last 4 months have been a blur.

We temporarily moved back into our home to prepare it for sale in January and have been working feverishly to clear out the clutter and accumulation a family of five creates.  We started with a 2 1/2 car garage completely full (about 4 to 5' deep) with all our stuff in January, and have pared that down to about 15 totes with the few precious items.  The remainder has now been sold, donated, garage sale'd, or given away.

It was a difficult process, but freeing in its own right.  We unfortunately tend to build our lives around the accumulation of stuff in this day and age.  To pull away from that and free ourselves has been a good exercise for us all.  There was lots of items it hurt to get rid of - but in the end you can't take it with you, right?  It has been interesting to watch the children in all this - parting with stuffed animals, toys, bikes, clothes...  We have really enjoyed watching them giving some of their favorite stuffed animals to good friends.  Growth is good..  Just not easy...

Now we've refocused our efforts on Kyrie in preparations for moving back aboard.  We have a rare opportunity to truly deep clean and sort through everything on board without having to make the boat livable at the end of each day.

For this effort, we have been rewarded with what looks to be the craziest pigsty we have ever seen on board.  It is hard to believe that under all the mess lies our beloved Kyrie, and it will be so much better for the effort.  We've been discovering spare parts that were lost, parts we didn't know we had (thank you spare starter!!) and parts we don't know why we ever wanted.

So far, we have sent about 5 large garbage bags of stuff out of the boat, and given a lot of spare hardware away (who really needs 6 dozen hose clamps, really!).  We are roughly halfway done, and hope to begin moving back aboard next weekend.

6 weeks to go..  So much to Do!

P.S. For those interested in our planned itinerary south, here is the rough plan:

Depart Juneau OOA June 5.
Cruise Southeast Alaska for a month, departing for Canada approximately July 1.
Arrive in Sidney, BC around the 4th week of July.
Lay over in Sidney, BC for rigging work for 2-3 weeks.
Plan on departing Sidney Mid-Late August.
Arrive Newport, Oregon the first or second week of September, and lay over for a couple weeks to visit family.
Depart Newport the third or fourth week of September, bound for San Francisco.
Harbor hop the CA coast from San Francisco to San Diego, Arriving roughly the second or third week of October.
Depart San Diego early November with the Baja HaHa bound for Cabo!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Spending spree!

     I had a post-in-progress that I just hurriedly wrote a couple more sentences on and then published because this one needed to be written. We have been spending A LOT of money lately! After scrimping and saving and trying to buy as little as possible over the past few years, now it seems like we're going on this crazy spending spree.
Joe and Rachael rowing in Glacier
Bay in the old 10-foot Porte-Bote.
      Granted, it is all purchases for Kyrie and the final transition to our cruising lifestyle, but it still feels wrong. "We've been saving for years to go cruising and now we're spending all this money!" Yes, to go cruising.
      For example, toward the end of last year, we bit the bullet and bought a brand-new Porte-Bote to replace the old one that came with Kyrie. The foam on the seats was falling apart and the transom was torn up. All fixable and replaceable, but we got to thinking--our dinghy would be essentially our family car for the foreseeable future. Rather than fix the old one and then run the risk of it completely falling apart, or the motor conking out in the middle of nowhere, let's just get a new one while we have a regular income still coming in and know we're in good shape. We love our Porte-Bote. It's sturdy and stable and I love that it can be folded up and stored on deck when it won't be used for a long time. This one is a 12-footer, instead of our old 10-footer.
It's our Bumblebee motor!
      Then, of course, a brand new boat demanded a brand new motor. Joe looked for a long time for a used one, but no one in town was selling what he wanted, which was a 2-stroke, 6-horse, short shaft engine. So finally, Yamaha had a deal we couldn't pass up, so now we are the proud owners of a Yamaha 4-stroke, 6-horse short-shaft engine. A little heavier than we originally wanted, but it will push that new boat, with all five of us in it, without a single problem. We have done a little extra work on it, though, to hopefully make it a little less desirable to thieves. It was rather painful to take that brand new motor, scuff it up and then paint it, but I have to admit, it didn't turn out too badly. (Plus, the yellow looks a lot better than the original pink we thought of!) Joe ordered some stickers for the top and sides, and I promise I will post photos of the motor when it is fully kitted out in all its goofiness. I mean, if the goal is to make it stand out to make it less desirable for someone to steal it, let's have some fun and make it REALLY stand out!
       What else? Parts for the watermaker, a new phone and data plan, spare parts galore, a few more books for the kids for school, warm weather clothes... Gee, I hope everything fits on Kyrie when we move back aboard. Moving back on our boat can't come soon enough. I've said it before and I will say it again, multiple times--it has been nice living in a house this winter, and it's been super convenient to be right here while we're clearing out the garage and getting the house on the market. However, we're getting a little bit too comfortable with the space. I can see more things creeping into the kids' rooms and on to the shelves in the dining room. I fervently hope we have a buyer for the house in the next month so we can finish up here, purge again and get back on Kyrie where we belong, and get all those new parts and pieces put where they belong so we get our show on the watery road!

Disappearing stuff....

     The elephant is slowly disappearing! We've managed to open every single box we had packed away in the garage and the amount of stuff that has gone on to new homes is simply mind-boggling. I can't get over how much we have accumulated in the course of 18 years of marriage and three kids. Joe and I were pretty ruthless about paring down and have about 12 of those Rubbermaid tubs that are getting stored in Joe's parents' crawl space. Joe's toy car--his 1968 Datsun Roadster--will be going into storage on the second floor of his dad's shop. I promise to take pictures when that happens because it will be quite the production to get it up there! My parents will be taking care of all our quilts that aren't coming along, and Joe's dad is also taking a bunch of Joe's tools, which Joe is happy about--he should be able to get them back someday.
      We've sold a lot of the rest of our stuff--it really feels good to be able to just call it "stuff"--between Craigslist, Facebook, and good old garage sales. In addition, the house officially went on the market on Friday two weeks ago. It looks so weird to see that sign! Good, but still weird. It makes all this even more real, as if it wasn't already!
      Also, Joe's final day of work has been determined. We've been operating and planning on the assumption that Joe's contract would be extended and he would work until the end of June. However, the whole government shutdown left contract negotiations high and dry and his contract wasn't able to be extended. Therefore, he is done with his job May 31, a whole month earlier than we had been planning! It's okay because now we have extra time to see some places here in Southeast before we take off for what could be a very long time.
        Plans continue to take shape. More soon...