Sunday, December 27, 2015

This is getting real!

    I haven't posted in a while because there just simply haven't been any updates--at least not to my way of thinking! But now, it's time to start this up again.
    I made our plane reservations right before Christmas! Yes, after saying for so long simply that we would be leaving some time in January, we now have an official date of departure. The morning of January 13, we fly to Portland to pick up the van Joe's brother and sister-in-law have parked in their yard for us and then start our travels up to Vancouver BC to pick up Kyrie.
     Okay, this is really exciting to have a firm date set, but holy crap, now I'm nervous. I've seen this said elsewhere and I'll say it now--"This #@^& is getting real!" A moment of freak out venting will now commence. The addition is still not done, although it's getting really close. We still have not yet found renters for the house. And there is SO MUCH STUFF we need to go through! Stuff to bring down on the plane with us; stuff to set aside to have Joe's parents ship down to us because we won't need it immediately; more stuff to set aside in a different spot that we can pick up when we bring Kyrie back up to Juneau; additional stuff that will be packed up and stored in the garage for the duration of our travels (however long that might be); and finally stuff that we can just get rid of, whether by giving to someone, donating it, or just throwing it away. I will be the first to admit it--we have a lot of just plain stuff. I'm actually looking forward to this much-needed purging, but at the same time, it's a little overwhelming...
     I had told myself after the holidays it would be time to get serious about really getting ready to go. Well, here it is, December 27. It's time to get the rear in gear. The kids are excited about the move, but I think they are also a little excited because I told them while we're still going to do school, it will be much less than we've been doing because getting the house ready takes priority. The big kids have both been told a number of times they can't bring all their toys along and while they have already gone through and got rid of a bunch, there will still be some major decisions to be made for them. My major decisions will involve cookware, clothing and books, I fear.
     All I know right now is that we can bring a total of eight bags (more likely boxes) weighing a maximum of 55 pounds each. That may sound like a lot, but that includes school books, clothes, toys, kitchen supplies, and tools. It will not take long to reach that weight limit.... Let the sifting begin!

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