Thursday, January 28, 2016

A wind symphony in Semiahmoo

Sunset at Semiahmoo
     That picture was taken a few days ago, before we moved from our transient spot at the fuel dock to our long term slip. It was so beautiful that night! Last night, however, I was really glad we were in the middle of the marina, at least slightly sheltered by the breakwater and all the other boats around us!
     Last night was wild, to say the least. Joe texted me around 12:30, asking how the wind was, because gusts up to 40 miles an hour were predicted. Oh boy, I thought, remembering the last time we were on a boat and experienced gusts that fast. Granted, that was our little monohull Shiva on our last trip to Taku Harbor, but any weather conditions that make you heel over while tied to the dock?! I think I may be excused for thinking that was just a tad extreme.
     Before I get to last night itself, I have to mention the coolest part. I was walking the docks by myself, after returning a dock cart to the shed, and the sounds were just incredible. There is a fairly high percentage of sailboats in this marina and the wind whistling through all the rigging made me stop. I can't describe how cool it sounded, although if you have ever been around a bunch of sailboats when the wind is really blowing, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
      My kids love the show Curious George and one episode is all about creating a wind symphony. That is what I was treated to yesterday, any time I went outside the boat. The whistling, the creaking, the waves lapping against the dock, the slapping of lines and of someone's boom knocking about--all sounds of my new life on the water...
       It may have sounded cool, but it certainly made for an eventful evening! Thankfully, catamarans don't rock and sway nearly as much as monohulls do, so we were more comfortable than that night at Taku Harbor, but it was still bouncy and a little loud from the buoys squeaking against the hull. In fact, it was rather loud in the girls' cabin as a result, but they didn't seem to notice. All three kids fell asleep instantly last night!
       This morning, the wind is still blowing a bit, but the symphony seems to be done, for now.

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  1. Wind symphony -what an apt description. Believe it or not, that is one thing I miss living aboard a boat!