Monday, April 25, 2016

A taste of the cruising life, Part 1

     Life has thrown us a few curveballs lately, so we decided to make lemonade--don't you just love my badly mixed metaphors--and really get out on the boat for a while.
We left our spot in Semiahmoo on Saturday and headed out to our favorite spot--Sucia Island. We ended up going to a different bay this time and got the chance to visit with people tied to the dock and let the kids play with other kids there. We also celebrated Joe's birthday out there, although I won't tell you which one. 😉

A rough morning with coffee in the cockpit on Sucia.

     Monday, we departed Sucia with the intent of exploring the San Juan Islands some more. We made our destination Deer Harbor and found ourselves a nice anchorage up against the cliff across from the boat harbor. We walked around, saw a deer and some rabbits, and ate ice cream to fend off the heat. Being from Alaska, this past few days of unseasonably warm weather--70s, at least--were taking their toll! I don't expect any sympathy here, but it was rather amusing to hear the kids complain, "I'm hot. Why is it so hot here?" What in the world are these kids going to do when we get to Mexico and all those other places we anticipate cruising to? They are all actually adapting quite well to boat life, though. We all are. As I type this here in Kyrie's cockpit, the two big kids are out here reading a Foxtrot comic book and Desi is sitting in my lap, impeding my typing to the best to her ability.
      But I'm getting ahead of myself. Tuesday, we motored across to Friday Harbor (This has been a really crappy trip for sailing. Most of the time the wind just isn't there!). Nice place, and we got a hint of what it will be like to go grocery shopping without a car! There were things we would have liked to buy--more canned goods, for instance--but knowing we had to carry everything in either a backpack or in a grocery bag reined us in a bit. I also learned a lesson the hard way--make absolutely sure I have the Ergo for Megan on the boat before we cast off the lines! We REALLY missed that to carry her in.

The kids meeting Popeye, Friday Harbor's resident mascot.

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