Monday, June 27, 2016

Already living the dream

     It's been over a month since we arrived back here in Juneau and I've been struggling to come up with something to write about. We've taken Kyrie out several times since--Taku Harbor with the sailing club for Memorial Day weekend (which I really ought to write about since a scary yet amazing thing happened on that trip), another trip down there just with our family, and an overnight getaway with just one kid along while the big two spent the night with friends--and while they have all been fun, for some reason, with the exception of Memorial Day weekend, nothing seemed really blog-worthy.
      And then I stopped and kicked myself for even thinking something so silly! My family lives on a boat--an amazing, beautiful, nearly-everything-we've-wanted-in-a-boat catamaran! How on earth can I not think this worth writing about? Even if no one else reads this, it's still worth mentioning. So, having given myself the swift kick I needed, and will need again from time to time, I can move on.
       I have Kyrie nearly all to myself as I type this. Joe is currently working with/for a friend on a packer, which for any who may not know, is a big boat that goes around, buying fish from the fishing fleet, and delivering them to the cold storage facility, where the fish are processed, packaged, and sent to various locales around the world. He will be doing this for the next month and we'll see him from time to time. For example, he called around noon today, saying he would be at the harbor (on the other end of town!) for about two hours. The girls and I dropped the little bit we were doing and drove to see him!
        Levi left this morning to go to camp for the next four days. It's his last year at Colt Camp, which is for the 7-9 year-olds. I know he's excited about being with older kids next year, but I don't know if I'm ready! This was his third year going to Echo Ranch so leaving Mom for a few days is no big deal anymore. I think Rachael will miss him more than he misses her!
        So, it's just me and the girls until I pick Levi up Thursday evening, unless Joe gets to come home for a little while. Rachael is off at the pavilion across the street, playing with the boys off Midnight Sun (should I be worried? 😉), which is another family boat here in Douglas. Megan is taking a nap, so currently, it's just me and Desi, hanging out in the cockpit, savoring this warm Southeast Alaska day.
          At some point, we'll be ready to cast off lines and get started our next big adventure, but until then? I'm living a dream right now. It may not be everyone's dream, but I'm enjoying it, and every day, something happens that someone, somewhere, just might enjoy reading about.


  1. You're living your dream (at least part of it!) Have you thought about all those people who want to sail to Alaska?? You're already here...smiles

  2. Hello - Is that by any chance Midnight Sun from Tasmania, with Paul and Sharon aboard? If so, do you mind sending them a big hello from Mike and Alisa on Galactic? Thanks!

  3. Hi Mike! Yes, my kids and Paul and Sharon's boys love playing together. I'll make sure to tell them you say hi! And thanks for commenting. It's nice to have confirmation that other people read this. ��

  4. Thanks for that...and good luck on the preparations and setting out. We left Kodiak 9 years ago and have also been sailing with kids. For us the first 6 months were a huge learning curve, but it's all been super super worth it. We're at thelifegalactic.blogspot if you're interested...cheers, Mike