Monday, February 20, 2017

Beginning Spring Preparations

Well, we did it - we removed the remainder of our winter cover in preparation for spring, just in time for it to get cold again.  Oh well.  For those that don't know, we removed the reinforced poly tarp about a month ago during a severe windstorm (80+ knots) but still had the frame up, making Kyrie look a bit like a whale skeleton.

This weekend, it's been sunny and warm (around 40-45 degrees) during the days, so we figured now would be a good time to make her look like a boat again, and begin the spring preparations.  It took a couple hours, but we were able to remove the winter cover frame and get her put back together.  I will admit, it is extremely satisfying to see her now - she looks like the Kyrie we know and love once again.  Of course, now that the cover is nearly fully off, the temperature dropped - down to around 24 last night.  Thankfully winter appears to be on the wane a bit - we hopefully only have around a month or so of the real cold stuff before we can begin getting Kyrie ready for summer.

On the topic of summer - we are now trying to make our big plans.  It looks like our major "boat vacation" for the year will be a 2ish week cruise out to the SE Alaska coast - we hope to circumnavigate Baranof and Chichagof Islands starting around the end of July.  The trip is easily a few hundred miles so we are allowing 2 weeks to give us some time to goof around at hot springs, fish, and enjoy some remote anchorages.

Further, we got the starter re-installed on the engine on Saturday, so the engine will start once again, and we just received our new toilet from C-Head.  I think I'll begin the install process next weekend on the toilet.  We have high hopes it will work well, but with 5 of us on-board, it is an expensive experiment.  Once we get it put in place, I'll have to do a blog-post on our experiences.

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