Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring has sprung

     It's April here in Juneau, and it is beautiful! Kyrie has one sail back on now--her roller furling main--and we're enjoying some sunshine. I don't know what the official temperature is today, but I do know it's too warm to hang out in the cockpit at the moment since the back curtains aren't fully open. What a problem--too warm here in Juneau! I love it!
     Currently, I'm the only one on Kyrie. We got a kayak yesterday and Levi has taken to it like a fish in the water. Yes, we found an incentive to get him to buckle down and finish his school work. No taking the kayak until he's done with school. He finished everything by the time we were halfway done with grocery shopping today, so I hope this continues. He's been out in that kayak nearly all afternoon. I think he's going to find himself gaining some arm strength that will help him out in swimming quite a bit. In the meantime, Joe came home from work and lowered the dinghy to go for a cruise around the harbor. The girls decided they wanted to go along, and Levi took off in the kayak with them. A quiet 20 minutes to myself to enjoy the sun out on the bow? Nothing wrong with that! Although I'm beginning to think we may have to get another kayak if anyone else wants to be able to paddle around...
     In other news, we will be celebrating a birthday this week. Levi will be 10 on Wednesday! When I think of all that has happened since that boy made Joe and me parents... Wow, we've seen a lot of craziness in our lives. I can honestly say that 10 years ago, as I stared at my enormously pregnant belly, trying in vain to see my toes, I did not contemplate even the idea of living on a sailboat with not just the child I was carrying, but also two more! But you know something? I wouldn't change anything. Especially when I can be kicked on the bow of my dream boat, soaking up some April sun, here in Southeast Alaska. Right now, I really truly believe there are few moments that could top this.

Levi trying his skills in the new kayak.

Joe and the girls cruising in the dinghy.
Most of Kyrie's crew out enjoying the sunny day!

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