Monday, July 31, 2017

Sea Lions! And Salmon! And Bears! Oh My!

Well, today was more than pleasant. We left Red Bluff Bay about 9:30 this morning in the light fog and mist. The night was wonderful and supremely quiet - just the noise of the waterfalls and an occasional gull cry.

There was a gentle swell from the south, about 4-5' and the fog was lifting as we exited the bay and into Chatham Strait. Through the course of the afternoon, the fog disappeared, and the sun actually came through. Believe it or not, it was sunny today!!

Due to the nice weather, we went a little further today - partially to charge our batteries - and ended up pulling into Port Armstrong.

I (Joe) visited this hatchery last year just before I started my current job and had good memories of it. In the sun, it did not disappoint. There are salmon jumping everywhere, which of course excited the kids to no end, and there are brown bears everywhere.

After a wonderful dinner of fresh coho, we took the kids out in the skiff to the two beaches where bears congregate. On one beach we watched a juvenile male get chased away by a big boar. We could hear their yelling in the trees as they fought. On another beach, a sow and little cub walked out - way too darn cute!

And yes, there is also a large group of sea lions sharing the bay with us. We heard them barking at each other just a few minutes ago.

All in all, a fantastic day. We look forward to new adventures tomorrow, and hopefully some more fresh salmon!

-The Kyrie Crew

Current Position:
Lat. 56 degrees, 17.734' N,
Long. 134 degrees, 39.788' W.

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