Meet the crew

We are the Griesers, a family of five beginning our sailing life.

Joe - Dad
Kristen - Mom 
Levi (11)
Rachael (7)
Megan (3)

​It all started in 2009--when we chartered a big catamaran in the British Virgin Islands for ten days with Joe's parents and brother and sister-in-law. We enjoyed it so much we started thinking about doing that for a much longer term. Joe had grown up on a commercial fishing boat and held fond memories of he and his brother roaming through fishing villages and playing on beaches in Southeast Alaska. He actually started thinking about it sooner and had a hard time at first convincing Kristen it was a good idea and we could make it happen.  

We bought our first boat in 2011, Shiva, a 27-foot Albin Vega as an introduction to sailing, shortly after moving to Juneau.  We had a ton of fun on her, learning how to sail and getting pretty comfortable. Shiva worked well for us while there were only four, but when Megan made her appearance, we knew we would need something bigger.

Around the same time, a job situation got us thinking perhaps the time was ripe to make the dream happen sooner, rather than later. Joe wanted our kids to have similar experiences of living on a boat as he remembered, plus the idea of waiting until we retired just didn't sit well. Why not plan to take a hiatus from work and go do that traveling we wanted while we are still young enough to be physically capable of the work involved in "boat repair in exotic places," was what we finally decided.

We have now purchased and moved aboard Kyrieour 37-foot 1983 Prout Snowgoose catamaran, and are preparing ourselves and it for further adventures, all while living and working in, as well as cruising around, Juneau, Alaska.

It's taking some time and a lot of planning, but we're at last at the point where we're ready to get going on this adventure! And with three young kids, this will certainly be an adventure!

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