Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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    This blog seems to be in a feast or famine cycle, and apparently it's feasting time! Life is truly weird at times. Another boat has appeared on the horizon and has completely captured our attention. She's huge, built of steel and really pretty! No, her name isn't Supergirl or Wonder Woman, in case anyone was wondering...
She isn't even officially for sale yet, but Joe talked to a broker about another boat and decided that one wouldn't work, but the broker mentioned he had another one that they were getting ready to list and he could give us some information about it. I can't go into too many details, but this one really grabbed us. We keep finding more and more we like about it and the more we hear, the more we're afraid that if we don't jump, someone local will beat us to the punch when she does officially go on the market.
      I came home from a moms' group today to learn Joe spent the morning making arrangements to fly to Seattle to take a look at the big girl, and he leaves tomorrow morning! Okay, whirlwind trip set. He's going to go check her out tomorrow afternoon and should know pretty quickly if the problems we saw in the pictures are the worst, or if bigger issues are hiding. Excellent! Plans have been made!
      Then, the next bomb went off. There was another boat we found a month or so ago that we fell in love with. This is a catamaran, which we've talked about buying for a long time, but frankly could never afford one that would do what we want to do! Sadly, when we e-mailed the owner to ask about it, he said they had a sale pending on the boat. However, he would keep us in mind and let us know if the deal fell through. Fast forward to a couple of days ago. Joe thought just for the heck of it, he would e-mail the owner again, since the ad was still listed on the website we originally found it on, to ask if the sale went through. The owner responded yesterday, "We'll know tonight."
        *BOOM* Joe and I were on our way to a concert this evening, and I checked our e-mail, just for the heck of it. Oh my gosh, there was an e-mail from the cat owner, letting us know the sale fell through! He said he had two other people interested in it--people in his area--but none as interested as we apparently were, so he was giving us first crack. Okay, heartbeat slowly returning to normal. Joe is already going down to Seattle tomorrow and this boat is in Vancouver, BC! So yes, he will definitely be going to check this one out as well! One distinct advantage of the cat versus the big woman of steel is that the cat is already outfitted with pretty much everything we had on the list that we wanted for cruising equipment--watermaker, solar panel, SSB, Pactor modem,. All her sails are roller-furling and can be raised and lowered from the cockpit! The cockpit has a hard cover, and there's a table and plenty of seating in the cockpit....
          Okay, I'm getting way too excited, but hopefully, my excitement is understandable. The steel sailboat is beautiful and I would in no way be disappointed to own her, but let me just say, I am so glad the cat came available again and I'm really hoping it works out that this is *the* boat for us. Regardless, Joe will be in a great place to be looking and he has some really good contacts to help him if the search needs to continue. We'll see what happens, but I would love the next post to be titled something like "We found her!"

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