Friday, October 23, 2015

:) We found her!

     What did I say the title of the next post would hopefully be? I am tickled to announce that we found Kyrie, and, even better, she is exactly what we wanted.
The big steel boat, thankfully, proved to not be what we wanted at all--for one thing, there would be quite a bit of work involved just to get her where we would need her to be to suit us. Joe went to Vancouver on Thursday to check out the catamaran I mentioned last time.... and knew within about 15 minutes of looking at her that he had found the right boat for us. The sale isn't final yet, so I really shouldn't post photos yet, but I will. As long as everything with the survey and the sea trial go well (and there is no reason to believe there will be any problems), she will be renamed Kyrie and home based here in Juneau. 
     I'm tickled to death with this news! The only downside is that it requires Joe to be gone nearly two weeks in order to take care of all the details. However, when he gets home, the survey, the minor repairs, sea trial and all the financial transactions will be done and he won't have to make another trip down to Vancouver, excepting when we all go down to bring Kyrie home. Levi and Rachael are excited to see our new boat, especially since they have never been on a catamaran before. They thoroughly enjoyed traveling on Shiva, but I think heeling still bothered them a little bit, and Levi told me he's looking forward to sailing on a boat that doesn't heel over.
     Once I feel like she's actually ours, I'll post some pictures and wonder at all the equipment she already has on board, ready to take us on our travels. For now, I will just sit back and be amazed at the blessing of this boat finding us.

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