Friday, November 27, 2015

Chomping at the bit

     I'm starting to feel antsy. There is so much still to be done before we can officially leave on our adventure--and I truly mean leave, as in bye-bye ordinary life, let's get to Mexico--but I'm finding myself more and more wishing that date of departure was coming up sooner. Part of that could be because I'm really excited to actually see our boat. I admit that I'm rather jealous that Joe has already seen the boat. Pictures simply don't satisfy!
     It helps a little that a cousin of Kyrie's in here in town right now. We were over at Joe's parents' house yesterday for Thanksgiving (by the way, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, with plenty of food, family, friends and fun!) and his dad mentioned he thought he had seen a boat just like ours in the Auke Bay harbor. The three of us jumped at the chance and while it was still light out, drove to the harbor to see if he was correct. I was excited for the chance to at least get an idea of what Kyrie looks like. We tracked it down and it is most certainly a Prout, although not a Snowgoose like Kyrie. This one is a Prout Escale 39, so it is two feet longer and nearly three feet wider. There are some similarities, although even I could tell our Snowgoose will suit us better. Regardless, it helped enormously for me to see a Prout in person, even though it's not the same as ours. 
      And yet, it may have made things worse also. Because now, seeing a boat that is even similar to our boat strengthened this desire I have to get going on our long-planned adventure. I know full well we still have a lot to do, but the house is coming along so well. Drywall is nearly done and Joe and his mom installed the insulation on the underside of the addition this morning. It's actually warm in the addition now! The carpenter we hired to help us out estimates a couple more weeks should see us all done. The sooner it's done, the sooner we can then really go through everything and downsize. That's a bit of a daunting task, since among the five of us, we have quite a bit of stuff, and we certainly can't take most of said stuff on the boat!
     That being said, I'm still bouncing off the walls, itching to go...

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