Monday, November 16, 2015

We are now boat poor!

     Well, Kyrie is officially ours after multiple delays with switching funds through accounts!  We now can post some details and pictures for everyone who has asked. (Joe is really good at all the technical details and facts, so a lot of this is his post, although I (Kristen) have added a few other bits and pieces here and there. Have fun reading!)

     Kyrie is currently named Genesis XI.  She is a Prout Snowgoose 37, which has been beautifully maintained and fully upgraded by her previous owners. These boats have an impressive background. I think it was mentioned before that they were built in England. There were about 500 Prout Snowgooses (Snowgeese?) built, as opposed to about 3000 Albin Vegas, which is what Shiva (our old boat) is. Of those 500, over 100 are known to have circumnavigated, although those numbers are nearly impossible to verify. Kyrie almost joins that club, as she is only a trip through the Panama Canal away from circumnavigation.
     She has a ton of custom features and is fully equipped for cruising already, so (hopefully) our refitting costs will be minimal - although I'm sure they will grow beyond what we are anticipating now.

Some details for those of you who are interested:

-Custom hard top over cockpit with side curtains and glazed windshield
-Custom diamond sea glaze windows all around to replace the traditional leaky Prout windows
-460 Watts of solar panels on top of hard top - We are unsure if this will be quite enough for our needs so may be upgrading.
-ICOM SSB with Pactor Modem already installed - allowing for long range communications and e-mail.
-Large AGM Battery Bank - 680 Amp-Hours
-1000 watt inverter
-Little Wonder 6 gallon per hour watermaker - A necessity for us with 5 people aboard!
-Small (apartment size) front loading fridge with freezer
-Medium sized custom fridge-freezer below one of the aft berths.
-Electric windlass with nicely oversized Wasi primary anchor and 100' of chain with 200' of nylon rode.  Large spare Bruce anchor.
-Fairly large single head with small bathtub (a bathtub on a sailboat?! Be still my heart!)
-Many spares for critical systems - dual autopilots and depth sounders installed, for example.
-Fully insulated hull
-Webasto hot water ducted heating throughout boat
-Pressurized hot and cold water
-Porta Bote folding dinghy with outboard.

Below are some pictures (largely taken from the ad - thank you P.)

 This is pretty close to Kyrie's layout, although our settee isn't a u-shape. It is two benches facing each other. There are two aft cabins with bunks slightly smaller than full sized beds (one is modified to be both workshop and single berth), and a master stateroom with amidships queen berth. - Permanent beds for all 5 of us.

We would like to thank the previous owners for taking such remarkable care of her - we will do our best to keep her up!  Thank you P & C!

As they say, the best days in a boat owner's life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it--we have now had the first best day with Kyrie. Hopefully it will be a long time before we experience her second best day.