Friday, March 4, 2016

Here comes number three!

    Storm number three for the week is settling in around here. Figures, since my parents are coming to visit this weekend... The one upshot is that it gives me an excuse to not drag the--um, what can I nicely call it? That lovely device that cleans out our holding tank? Anyway, it's too windy for me to have any desire to haul that thing over here and suck out the tank.
     In the meantime, these windstorms are doing one thing--helping us get used to this rock n roll life known as living on a boat. Kyrie does do some rocking in this wind, but nothing like some of the other boats. It's amazing to me how quickly this has become normal. I remember other times being out on Shiva and after we hit dry land again, it felt like everything was moving. Not anymore! Even now, looking out the windows and seeing how everything is moving doesn't bother me. As a matter of fact, I'm sitting here on my bed, watching all the boats bouncing up and down, knowing Kyrie is doing the same thing and I feel fine! In the past, I have had some seasickness to deal with, and that made me nervous, going into living on a boat. I'm sure there will still be plenty of options while underway somewhere for the queasiness to set in, but I'm glad my system is off to a good start adjusting. The kids all seem to be dealing with the motion fine, and even Desi, who frankly I was the most worried about, doesn't seem to mind!
       Hopefully this storm will blow itself out soon. I'll have to go double check the dock lines, just to make sure they haven't loosened at all.

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