Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Day of Deliciousness

Today was somewhat less eventful than the last couple days, but still quite enjoyable. We pulled anchor after a leisurely breakfast in Redfish Bay. It was a lovely morning with multiple bears on the beach, including one about 100' away from our starboard side.

Upon exiting Redfish Bay, the promising wind we had in the anchorage completely petered out...  We were seeing mighty gusts of up to 5 knots, not even enough to fill the sails.

So - we went fishing!

We motored about an hour north to just in front of the Kekur Peninsula and dropped two lines. Within 10 minutes we had our first fish, a nice coho - and were thrilled. We figured it was a fluke and put the line down again, hoping against hope. Not 5 minutes later, the same pole bent in half and sung out line. This time we handed the rod to Levi, and he landed his first salmon, a nice coho, about 8-9 pounds. We put the line down again and not 10 minutes later it went off again, with Kristen then landing her first salmon in years, and finally dropped it a last time, and within 5 minutes, Rachael got her first ever salmon, another 8-9 pound fish.

All in all, we fished less than an hour and had 4 nice coho and one large brown bomber. Just terrible times around here. The only reason we stopped fishing is the fish kept swallowing the hooks, and we couldn't release them without killing them.

For lunch, we made a blackened salmon and rockfish salad which was readily devoured. For dinner appetizer, we had salmon sashimi. For dinner, we had baked spicy teriyaki salmon with rice pilaf. We still have 3 whole salmon we will need to choke down somehow in the next week or so. It's a tough life.

To top it off, it was sunny again, with temps in the mid 70's. I'd say it was a good trade for not being able to sail today.

Tonight we are anchored in a beautiful bay, Still Harbor, right off of Whale bay.

Current Position:
Lat 56 degrees 32.405N
Lon 135 degrees 00.822W

-The Kyrie Crew

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