Monday, August 7, 2017

White Sulphur

Well we made it! 3 separate hot springs in about a week and a half, but it has been quite the travel to arrange for.

Last afternoon about 1pm we pulled Kyrie into the west arm of Mirror harbor - an entrance not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, with good charts, good directions (thanks to the Douglas's "Exploring Southeast Alaska") and a apt bow watch, we made it in unscathed. We were supposed to meet Joe's mom and dad here, but they hadn't arrived yet and were not answering our hails on VHF so we made the hike to the springs with the kids.

The redone hot springs were spectacular. The reconstruction is top notch, and as always the setting is as beautiful as it gets. After a long soak, we waddled back up the 45 min. trail to the boat and sat down to dinner, wondering what on earth had happened to Mom & Dad.

They finally pulled in at 8:15 last night, exhausted and obviously frazzled, with quite the story to tell. Not only was the trip out a rough one, they had engine troubles.. It appears their fuel pump on the engine is on their last legs, but they were able to nurse it along by using the primer squeeze bulb. I don't envy their trip out like that though.

Now that they arrived, this morning Dad, Levi, and I took the skiff out to scout the area, and even saw a deer on the beach. As we came back, the sun arrived in spades, and we were able to hike over to the springs all together and really enjoyed our day.

Weather will dictate our itineary for the next few days, but we're not sure which direction we are headed. We are trying to arrange via email to get spare parts flown out for M&D, and intend to play thoroughly the next few days while we wait.

Current position:
Lat 57 degrees, 47.788'N
Lon 136 degrees, 20.066'W

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