Sunday, August 13, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words....

We didn't know it would turn into the "ABCD" trip yet!
 We are finally back in cell range, with Juneau in sight. It's been an amazing two weeks for Kyrie and her crew. I don't think any of our descriptions could do justice to some of the places we have seen, so now that I finally can, I'm going to post some photos of just a few of the things we have done and the beauties we got to see on this trip.  Obviously be warned this post is extremely picture heavy.  Click on a picture for a higher resolution image.

Joe and Megan at the dock at Baranof
Warm Springs.

Kyrie at the dock at Baranof

I think these cabins have seen better
days, although I think they're in the same
spot I saw them in five years ago!

Kristen and Megan on the boardwalk

Levi, Rachael, and Megan on the bow
as we enter Red Bluff Bay, one of the 
prettiest spots on our trip. 
Up ahead is the narrow passage to pass from
the outer bay to the inner bay. It was like glass inside!
Joe brought the auto-pilot remote out so
we could all watch our transit from the bow.
This was the biggest of the many
waterfalls in Red Bluff Bay. 3 1/2
inches of rain the night before had the
mountainsides covered in waterfalls!
Kristen and the kiddos on the 
bow, Kyrie at anchor tucked back 
in Red Bluff Bay. 

This is the red bluff Red Bluff Bay is named
for. It was too foggy to see it when we entered,
but the bluff stood out proud as we left.

Port Armstrong, about 20 miles down the Baranof coast from
Red Bluff. A chum salmon hatchery operates here and Kyrie's
mast is visible on the other side of the float house.

Brown bears are everywhere at Port
Armstrong. This was one of the bears
we heard fighting in the trees from the skiff.
This big guy is the one who chased the younger
one into the trees. Nothing quite like hearing
that deep growling off in the woods!
Levi Watching the Seine in Port Armstrong

At anchor in beautiful Redfish Bay
Megan with the berries in Port Alexander

Entering Redfish Bay through Second Narrows
Tired Megan after a full day
Rounding Cape Ommaney! - Southernmost Point of our voyage
Ship Graveyard, Port Alexander
Wreck of Minesweeper, Port Alexander
Boat Graveyard, Port Alexander
PA Dock
Rachael with baby duck!  
At anchor in beautiful Redfish Bay

Rachael's first salmon! - Coho
Kristen's first coho in years!
Levi's first salmon - Coho
Goddard Hot Springs
Kyrie anchored in front of Goddard
Family Pic in Goddard
Megan "sealing" the show - Sitka
Rachael having a tough day - Sitka
Levi surfing a seal, Sitka
Seiner, Khaz Bay
Small crab, Kimshan Cove
Kyrie at anchor, Kimshan Cove
Old Mining Bunkhouse, Kimshan Cove
The kids looking for critters on the beach, Kimshan Cove
Family Picture at the bathhouse, White Sulphur Hot Springs
The kids loved it!
Mom & Dad Grieser in the hot springs
Megan & Kristen in the hot springs
Kyrie & Sandpiper, rafted in Mirror Harbor
Megan and her crab molt
We actually passed someone!  Forget their main engine was out and they were on the kicker...
Mom on the "long sand beach"
Campfire on the beach!
Rachael, Levi, and Megan on the Beach.  I think Levi was "bowling" for his sisters!
Levi on the "long sand beach"
Levi playing with fire
Kristen's Catch of the Day in front of Yakobi Island.  Not bad for 30 min!
Crossing the Mendenhall Bar - Opposing Traffic!


  1. Wow, you brought me back, we loved our time up there. Did you get to, or have you been to, Tenakee Springs on Baranoff? We loved it there. Heading south from Goddard HS, check out Craig, neat place with pizza, a kid-friendly public pool, and a tsunami museum. All the best.